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The Inspiration Kit

Want to improve your dementia wellbeing?

Spend 5 minutes on this kit, for a checklist of simple ideas to incrementally improve your residential home environment.

We have created an online form which we have called ‘The Inspiration Kit’.  This kit is to stimulate and give you inspiration and ideas for improvement to your care home.   It is not a test, and for some it won’t be relevant for your particular care home, but it can help make the lives of your residents and staff easier if you can include as many of the suggestions as possible.  When you’ve finished it, we will email you a copy of your answers so you can consider where you might be able to improve.

The questionnaire is in 3 sections:

Please complete every section as far as you are able. This can be done by one person or several members of staff, and residents as well if you like, to get different perspectives. 

We hope you enjoy it and find it useful to enhance your offering.

You can find the Inspiration Kit here:



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